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I Should Have Run may look like a very simple horror... owing a lot to Edgar Allan Poe, but it is just a little more than that. 
I Should Have Run was written in the face of depression and grief following the suicide of a close friend, and symbolises the mistakes you make along your journey, the lies you tell yourself and others... and ultimately the dire consequences of those lies. This film was made on a budget of £200.





I Should Have Run... delivered tension and dread that kept me hooked for the full 3 minutes. It’s a film that got everything right from the way it was shot to how the story was told. Indeed, the fact they’ve moved away from simple, spoken dialogue and used a poem is another masterstroke of a brilliantly produced movie.
— Outpost 31 Podcast

I Should Have Run premieres exclusively on is thrilled to premiere the frightening new horror short I SHOULD HAVE RUN. Directed by talented newcomer Gabriela Staniszewska...

A creepy, classy, evocative little horror story.
— Kim Newman, Horror Writer & Critic

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Robin Askew on Gabriela Staniszewska's I Should Have Run... Bristol 24/7

Outpost 31

I Should Have Run is one of the best examples I’ve seen at delivering it’s message in little over 3 minutes long... Outpost 31 Podcast

An effective, concise, urban horror rooted in real fears and boasting great use of music, sound and location
— Robin Askew, Bristol 24/7

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Heather Pickstock on Gabriela Staniszewska's I Should Have Run... The Bristol Post

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Gabriela Staniszewska, whose short film The Spring was exhibited at the inaugural Bristol Film Festival, and who is returning this March with one of her recent works.... Bristol Film Festival 2017

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Berlin Film Festival: We Are Moving Stories interviews Director and Writer Gabriela Staniszewska..."Horror is always worth watching. There is always a camera trick, or a scare, or an idea that you haven’t seen before, even in the lowest budget short, or the baddest “bad movie”. We Are Moving Stories.

A moving and evocative tale of subtle, unnerving horror
— Gingernuts of Horror


"I think I have always been a filmmaker. Telling stories is part of everyone’s imagination and internal monologue. Committing them to film is just the next logical step."

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"Horror is a very unsubtle way of talking about very subtle things ... it is ethereal, unmanageable, terrifying and difficult to grasp."... The Fishponds Voice